United African States advocates for unity

Vin Oliji Abuja

The United African States, UAS says it is committed in ensuring that African Countries maintain Common Currency and travelling Passport.

Speaking during an interview with Voice of Nigeria, UAS Executive President, Professor Brimmy Abraham Olaghere said that the continent having things in common would assist to unite and promote peace and development.

 “Africa will be stronger and be able to tackle its challenges both politically and otherwise if they come together and have a harmonious relationship” he said.

Prof. Olaghere, who is also the initiator of Africa Growth Opportunity Acts (AGOA) remarked that Africa is endowed with enormous natural and humanitarian resource if well harnessed.

African integration
He said that with the coming on board of UAS, African leaders have gotten a common ground to promote African integration and unity which would serve as a winning weapon against poverty, crisis and promote socio-economic base of the continent.

“What we are doing is to reach out to the powers that will be and create common understanding to enable us achieve our aim as soon as possible” he said.

The Executive President said that when the UAS concludes its financial initiatives for Africa, Africa would have no reason to borrow from any world bank because there would be enough for massive development, promote education and run successful government as well as making the people have sense of belonging.

Sammie Idika