Veterinary association to curb drug abuse in Ebonyi state

The Veterinary Association of Nigeria in Ebonyi State, southern Nigeria, says it will embark on a state-wide campaign aimed at regulating the sale of veterinary drugs and also attempt to find solutions to treatment failure in domestic animals.

The Chairman of the association, Dr Nwenyi Okoro, said that the enlightenment campaign would also help relevant actors in the sector administer drugs more appropriately as incidences of drug resistance had become worrisome.

Dr Okoro said the campaign would involve relevant stakeholders, including pharmacists, veterinary drug vendors, representatives of poultry farmers and officials from the state Ministry of Agriculture.

According to him, some of the factors responsible for drug resistance and treatment failure, include wrong storage of drugs, wrong prescriptions as well as self-medication.

He said cases of drug resistance could be due to the maladministration of drugs on animals adding that “sale, use and administration of veterinary drugs will henceforth be regulated in the state as specified under The Animal Disease Control Act.”

He explained that “veterinary practice regulation ensures that drugs are handled appropriately to avoid treatment failure and the spread of disease resistance in animals”.
The chairman said the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) would be fully represented to oversee the programme and share experiences in drug administration.

He said during the exercise, participants would agree on timeline specifications for veterinary pharmacy provision for effective investment which would enable vaccines to remain effective.

Okoro said stakeholders also needed to be briefed on the implications of prompt reportage of drug resistance cases which would help to generate data for the authorities to act on.

Rafat S.