Virology agency, partners launch national programme on Tuberculosis

The Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) in collaboration with its partners has launched a national quality improvement program on Tuberculosis to ensure that TB patients receive standard care and treatment .

Mr. Dennis Mordi, Communication Manager, IHVN, said that the agency and other partners developed sections of a guideline to drive the NigeriaQual TB project and inaugurated a Technical Working Group to execute these guidelines and measure progress.

He also said that the aim of the project is to enhance quality of services to reduce resistance to TB medications.

The Chief Executive Officer, IHVN, Dr. Patrick Dakum said that the Institute is committed to the project which focuses on the patients and their feedback.According to him, ”behind every data is a human being.

 If we think about the quality of the programme in terms of the individuals who are our family or friends, I believe it will drive us towards achieving the purpose of the NigeriaQual TB program.

The new NigeriaQual TB programme incorporates lessons learned from the NigeriaQual HIV programme and has activities and deliverable to improve patient care at facility, local government and state levels.It also has strategies for implementation, sustainability plans and indicators to measure quality,” he said.

The Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria was established in 2004 as an affiliate of the Institute of Human Virology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore in the United States of America. It has grown to become a leading local non-governmental organization addressing the HIV/AIDS crises in Nigeria through the development of infrastructure for treatment, care, prevention, and support for people living with and those affected by HIV/AIDS .

It has now expanded its services to other infectious and non-infectious diseases including, cancer, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases. IHVN is structured to develop and maintain linkages with local and international organizations in collaborative ways that support the Government of Nigeria’s health sector strategic plans.