VON commiserates with Egypt over the recent plane crash

Zubairu Muhammad, Abuja

Voice of Nigeria has commiserated with the people and government of Egypt over the recent airline crash.

The Acting Director-General Voice of Nigeria, Mr. Ahaziah Suleiman stated this during a courtesy visit by the head of the Press and Information Bureau at Egyptian Embassy in Abuja, Mr. Ahmed Maher Akl.

He said: “we are with you in this moment of grief, moment of pain and Voice of Nigeria want to commiserate with you, share in your pain and in your grief.”

Mr. Suleiman also commended the Egyptian Embassy for training the staff of Voice of Nigeria and solicited for more exchange programmes between the staff of VON and Radio Egypt.

He also said “a lot of our staff have benefited from the Arabic training, from the English training and we would like this to continue more.”

 He added that, “what we do is to send people there to go and work in the newsroom or programme office for one month to see and learn how they do their work and share ideas of how we do our things and when they come back they impart their experiences to others”.

In his remarks Mr. Ahmed Maher Akl expressed his optimism that, Voice of Nigeria and the Egyptian Embassy would foster more relationship and cooperation with the two entities.

Bilateral relations

Mr. Akl called for more economic collaborations between Nigeria and Egypt. He said

“I think the trade volume should be increased, because now the trade volume is not enough and it’s not big as the relationship between Egypt and Nigeria, they are two big brothers in Africa and they should have more trade ties.”

About the recent plane crash he said “The investigations are still ongoing and nobody knows the reason and it is very early to jump over and start giving conclusions.”

On his impression about Nigeria he stated that “I feel familiar with the country I have also visited some other states like Kaduna, Niger State, and Lagos they are very beautiful, the people are polite and disciplined that is my impression about this country.”

The Acting D.G. of VON Mr. Ahaziah Suleiman thanked the Egyptian Embassy in Nigeria and the Egyptian government for making it possible for him Mr. Ahmed Maher Akl to collaborate in those areas.