HERITAGE: Africans no doubt, had their ways of life before the advent of colonialism. Their customs, norms and traditions set them apart and were passed down from generation to generation. The programme focuses on these inherited values that make Africans unique as a people and explores the extent to which Africans’ cultural values have been influenced by globalization.

TALKING AGRICULTURE:This is a special interest programme with experts who discuss various tested agricultural strategies that can promote a bumper harvest in farming, fishing, animal husbandry and other areas of agriculture. It also features produce marketing and socio-economic impacts of agriculture on the people.

WOMEN AND DEVELOPMENT: African women are making immense contributions towards the development of their continent. Women and Development is an African re-orientation crusade for women to consolidate on the past achievements and re-awaken those values that have lifted African woman to enviable heights within the family system, communities, occupational groups, national and continental spheres.

TIME FOR HIGHLIFE:The programme brings back memories of the African music scene dominated by highlife music. It also looks at innovations made in his brand of African music, the artistes in and out of the season, instrumentation and the cultural relevance of this genre.

NIGERIAN DISHES:Nigeria is endowed with a rich variety of food and spices with unique nutritional and medicinal values. The programme takes a look at how these dishes are prepared, their nutritional and medicinal values and the occasions at which they are served.

IMPRESSIONS:Nigeria plays a host to foreigners from different parts of the world. The programme will focus on the impressions or perceptions of such foreigners about Nigeria and Nigerians. It will cut across various aspects of the foreigner’s view; social, political, cultural and economic.

SECURITY WATCH:This is a 15- minutes feature on the security situation in Nigeria and what the government is doing to ensure the safety of lives and property. The programme will examine factors that can enhance social security and performance of Defence Corps.

MOVING ON:This is a light-hearted informative magazine presented in a warm and inviting manner to prepare the listener for the day. It is multi-segmented with bits of current trends in fashion, beauty, entertainment, health, education, business and other issues from the socio-cultural and political life. The strength of each edition lives in the high degree of conversation, light- heartedness and spicy contemporary African music featured.

NIGERIAN NEWS LETTER:Interesting historical and contemporary events, issues or news making personalities are highlighted in form of a friendly letter. These items are treated more like social commentaries or eye witness report.

RIPPLES:The programme ripples is a quarter hour docu-drama that fuses the elements of documentary and drama to deal with human angle, current, topical, social, cultural and historical issues and events. The programme uses this style of production to capture, analyze and re-enact real life issues, places and stones in a most compelling way.