Vote counting continues in Chad presidential election

Hauwa Mustapha,Echem Abdussami,Tahir Hassan

Chadians cast their votes at a poling station

Votes are being counted in Chad after the country voted in presidential election on Sunday.

Chad voted in a presidential election on Sunday with incumbent Idriss Deby running for a fifth term in office, arguing that only his government can maintain stability in the face of a threat from  militants.

In the run-up to the election, security was stepped up, with protest marches banned and activists imprisoned.

“I call on Chadians to vote in calm and serenity. Our country is starting from a long way back but the future looks bright. I ask all politicians to respect the verdict of the ballot box,”  President Deby told journalists as he voted.

Witnesses said thousands of voters cast their ballots at polling stations in the capital in the first election the central African country has held using biometric data.

According to a timetable set out by the electoral commission, results are not expected for two weeks.