We must uphold our culture, heritage -Ooni of Ife

Solomon Chung, Lagos

It is very imperative to uphold, keep and transfer culture and heritage appropriately, the Oni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi has said.

He said the greatest thing that binds people together besides religion is culture and tradition and as such must be kept intact for the younger generation and generation yet unborn.

He disclosed this in Lagos at the 3rd festival colloquium of the Lagos at 50 anniversary celebration.

“The culture, heritage and tradition of our land must be kept intact. It must be known and told to generation yet unborn. It is important they understand it.”

He said the erroneous impression that upholding tradition is idol worshipping must be disregarded. “The Yorubas believe in one true God called Olodumare and that is sacrosanct”. “We worship, Honour and believe in one true God,” he said.

ooni at the event

He said the story of Lagos must be told to the world because it is a part of the Yoruba history.

“Our ancestors that founded Lagos did it in good faith, togetherness and truth and that is why it is one of the greatest cities in the world. It is built around peaceful co-existence. Lagos is accommodating because of the foundation the founders built it upon.”

He said the movie that was premiered to tell the story of the ancestors that migrated from Ife to Lagos was very important and the story must be told to the world.

The traditional ruler also said there are several landmarks left behind by the ancestors which are still benefitting the Yoruba race till date and those are some of the land marks making Lagos to be great.

According to him, glass technology started from the Yoruba kingdom, crafts arts and making cloths were all legacies of the ancestors.

“Culture and Tourism is the easiest way to eradicate poverty and empower the less privileged,” he stated.

The movie that tells the story of how Lagos was founded was premiered at the event. The movie is called; EkoIwure Olofin meaning the blessing of Olofin