Weight of human earthly activities: 30 trillion tonnes

A new report shows that the sum total weight of human activity on earth stands at 30 trillion tonnes.

The report published by “Anthropocene Review” indicates that of the ten aspects of human activity measured, urban areas are the largest contributors, with current estimates of 11.1 trillion tonnes; rural housing comes a distant second with 6.3 trillion tonnes.

The research used two variables to arrive at the final conclusion: biosphere (the total mass of all living things on earth), and the technosphere (i.e. the summed material output of the human race.

Consequently the present biomass of humanity stands at 300 million tonnes, more than double that of all large terrestrial vertebrates that lived on earth prior to human civilization, and an entire order of magnitude greater than that of all vertebrates currently living in the wild.

Current atmospheric carbon dioxide makes up just a small part of the technosphere, while production of the harmful gas currently sits at 1 trillion tonnes. Although that only contributes to one-third of the total, it is still enough to balance out 150,000 Egyptian pyramids.