[:en]Women’s World Cup: Nigerian team injury-free[:]


As the Super Falcons will be kicking off their quest for World Cup glory in Canada this weekend, scribe of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Dr. Emmanuel Ikpeme, has revealed that the players are injury-free and in a competitive mood ahead of the tournament.

Ikpeme stressed that the team’s top priority as spelt out by the football Federation was for the Edwin Okon-tutored side to advance beyond the group stage.

“It’s been good. They’re going there as African champions, they’ve had a wonderful pre-competition preparation. They were here at home and went to Canada to further prepare, we thank God there’s no injury. Secondly, the training is progressing well.

“Thirdly, the players themselves are in a very good, competitive mood, it was good we gave them that friendly against Canada. At least they have an idea of their likely opponents and what’s expected of them.

“I want to be very realistic here, over time the Super Falcons always qualified for the World Cup but they’ve never gone beyond the group stage, perhaps just once and it was a long time ago. So, between them and the Federation we have said that they must go beyond, at least the group stage,” Dr Ikpeme disclosed.

Football Alive/Abu