[:en]Zambia and Malawi to bid for Joint Host of 2018 World Cup[:]

[:en]Malawi FA and Zambia FA have agreed to bid for a joint World Cup host after it has been apparent that either Russia or Qatar stands to be suspended from hosting the event.

It has been alleged that their bids were successful because of corruption.


On May 4 2015, English Culture secretary, John Whittingdale said that England was ready to host the 2022 World cup if Qatar is stripped off the right to host the games.

He argued that the country has the facilities and resources to host the games.

However, not to be outsmarted, the Malawian FA President, Walter Nyamilandu rushed to his non-existent twitter account to say that Malawi was challenging the English bid.

He said it will not do it alone but will bid in a joint application with their neighbour, Zambia.

“Alone we do not have the resources but with the joint efforts of our neighbours, Zambia, we are ready and willing to host the World cup,” said Walter Nyamilandu in his tweet.

The Zambian FA has as well confirmed the remarks of the Malawi football official and has indicated its willingness to host the world showpiece.

All Africa/ Bilkisu Pai[:]