Zamfara re-positions dairy and meat industry

The Zamfara Government is collaborating with Saj Foods Limited and Africa Islamic Development Foundation, a Ghana-based non-governmental organisation for meat and milk production in the State.

The Special Adviser to the State Governor on Animal Health and Livestock Development, Alhaji Arzika Maru, announced this at a stakeholders meeting for the implementation of the programme in Gusau.

Maru said government came up with the partnership aimed at utilizing the livestock potential of the state as well as enhancing the production of meat and milk in modern ways.

He said the state had the capacity to produce enough meat and milk for the state and other parts of the country if modern methods were introduced.

We have enough animals that can feed this project with necessary raw materials. That is why the present administration considers it necessary to participate actively in this partnership.Based on the survey conducted by the state Ministry of Animal Health and Livestock Development, we have over 1.5 million cows, about 1.2 million sheep and 1.7 million goats across the state with 2.5 million rarers,” he added.

This partnership aimed at ensuring sustainable development in the livestock and diary sectors to enhance socio-economic development through employment and income generation”, Maru said.

The representatives of the private firms, SAJ Foods Limited, Africa Islamic Development Foundation, Alhaji Sanusi Abdullahi and Alhaji Yunus Muhammad, said the partnership would develop a dynamic competitive dairy industry.

It will accelerate dairy sales, export and production of value added dairy products and services in Nigeria.’’

Stakeholders such as Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association, (MACBAN), farmers associations, businessmen, animal health workers associations, and traditional rulers attended the meeting.