Economic sanction proposed in Morocco

Temitope Mustapha,Abuja

The Movement for the Liberation of Western Sahara in Nigeria has proposed economic, military and diplomatic sanctions against Morocco to help decolonise Africa’s Last Colony, Western Sahara.

The Sanctions were proposed by members of the 12man committee of the Liberation movement for the Saharawi People.

The Committee which was inaugurated in Abuja at the launching of the Nigerian movement for the Liberation of Western Sahara is to pursue the just demands to expedite the end of the last colonialism in Africa through a referendum of self determination by the saharawi people.

The President of the Liberation movement and Nigeria`s former Representative to the United Nations, Professor Agboola Gambari called on Africa and the World at large to end Colonisation of the Western Sahara as Apartheid was ended in South Africa.

Professor Gambari who urged Africa not to depend on the UN in tackling her challenges said it is a collective responsibility of Nigeria, Africa and the World at large to support the decolonization of Western sahara.

He emphasised that Nigeria will defeat any obstacles that stands as an hindrance to total liberation of the Saharawi people.
“Following the pivotal role Nigeria played in the decolonization of western sahara, President Muhammadu Buhari after 32 years, supported this fight. “Nigeria is in support of total freedom of western sahara ,our country recognised western sahara as the 54th member of the Africa Union and so Referendum for saharawi people should be consensus and not deprived,” Professor Gambari explained.
He stated that the same way Africa and the World defeated Apartheid in South Africa, the same way colonisation should be brought to an end in Western Sahara.
Ambassador Gambari stressed that the UN Security Council should act decisively to compel the western sahara to attain her rights of self determination.
The Convener of the Liberation Movement and a former President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, Dr Oladipupo Adeshina, said that the movement is a mobilisation arm in Nigeria to support saharawi people to gain their total freedom.
Adeshina said the main goal is to join the army of international movement for the termination of colonialism in Africa.
“The activities of the movement will be targeted at countries, institutions, companies and individuals who continue to directly and indirectly subvert the yearnings of the saharawi people for freedom.
“For these reasons we urge the forces of freedom all over the world to back their claim of solidarity with saharawi people with a commitment to driving morrocco out of western sahara,”
Adeshina explained.

He stated that the 12 man committee was set up to organise boycott against companies and multinationals that do business with Morocco in western sahara and to build a Pan African movement to end colonialism in Africa.

“we however called on all people in the world to force Morocco and its collaborators in economic plunder of saharawi resources and in oppression of the saharawi people to respect the rights of the saharawi people to freely express their will and exercise their rights to freedom,” the Convener stated.

Also, the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress,Comrade Ayubba Wabba said that the Organised Labour in Nigeria will soon set up a support fund to aid relief and the course of the Western Saharawi people.

Wabba called on Nigeria Business Mogul,Aliko Dangote to respect the self determination rights of the Western Saharawi people and renege on his move to set up a multi billion business company with Morocco on Western Sahara soil.