Uganda Gives Green Light to Organ Transplants

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Soon Ugandans who need organ transplants will no longer have to travel abroad, thanks to a new law allowing the procedure in the country.

Kidney patients are currently the biggest group in need of transplants in Uganda. “There is just one dialysis unit in the whole country.

A kidney transplant can cost at least $30,000 (£27,000) abroad, but experts say this could come down to about $8,000 if done within the country.

The new law will clear the way for ‘transplantation centres’ and a national waiting list of organ recipients to be created, but also contains stringent measures in case of organ trafficking or abuse of donors’ rights.

Operating an illegal transplant clinic or harvesting organs from a living person without their consent may attract life imprisonment.

Parliament has approved the new transplant law meaning that it will come into force as soon as the president gives his assent – which is largely a formality, because assent is almost always given.



BBC /Jide Johnson

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