Benue State to host biggest yam show



Ukum local Government Area(LGA) in Benue State is set to organise the biggest yam show in the state.

This was disclosed by the chairman of ukum local Government area (LGA) in Benue state, Steve Ayua, recently while inaugurating officials of the Yam Shade Owners and Sellers Association.

Ayua assured that an organising committee for the show will be inaugurated this week, said the move is expected to boost yam production and exporting for the state.

He also noted that the event would present an opportunity for the country to showcase its potentials to the world.

The event, which is to be held for three days, is projected to be the biggest of its kind in the state.

He further noted that the event, through a variety of shows, will encourage local yam farmers to increase their cultivation efforts in order to boost economic activities in the LGA. The show is also expected to attract investors into the local government.

Part of the show will be an award presentation to farmers who have the biggest, smoothest and longest yams.

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