Schools to resume 18th January but subject to PTF review

By Temitope Mustapha, Abuja


Final decision on school resumption in year 2021 lies with the Presidential Task Force PTF on Covid-19 .

The 18th January earlier scheduled for resumption of students at all levels across the country also stands.

The Director of Media Federal Ministry of Education, Bem Goong, said these during an exclusive interview with Voice of Nigeria Education Correspondent, on clarification about the Minister of Education’s position as regards school resumption on 11th of January, 2021, during the PTF briefing on Covid-19

According to Goong, “the 18th of January earlier scheduled as resumption date for schools in year 2021 across the country remains”.

Quoting the Minister of Education, Goong, said the 18th of January date is subject to review if need be. It will be reviewed by the Presidential Task Force on Covid-19.

Responding to the Permanent Secretary’s, Sonny Echono statement also on National T.V on 13th of January, the Director of Media stated that the Permanent Secretary is on the same page with the Minister, “he is also saying that 18th of January stands but subject to review. However, if there is no review, schools are resuming on 18th as scheduled”.

On whether Nigerians should expect a review between 14th and 18th of January, Goong stated that this will depend on developments as regards increase in numbers of recorded infected cases of Corona virus.

“The PTF on Covid-19 are in better position to determine the review, even if you ask the team they will likely tell you they are monitoring the numbers, if by tomorrow the cases increases, they may come up to say otherwise but as it is 18th of January stands”.




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