Sudan accuses Ethiopia of violating border deals


Sudan’s National Borders Commission on Wednesday accused Ethiopia of violating the historical border agreements signed by the two countries.

 “The Ethiopian encroachments upon the Sudanese territory have continued since 1957,” head of the Commission, Maaz Tango said.

Ethiopia also evaded its obligations in the border agreements which could be traced back to early 1903, he added.

Tango noted that “Sudan has all the documents” supporting its position and its sovereignty over the lands entered by the Sudanese Armed Forces.

Earlier in the day, the Sudanese foreign ministry said an Ethiopian military plane penetrated the Sudanese border in what it termed as “a serious and unjustified escalation.”

Since September 2020, the Sudan-Ethiopia border has been witnessing rising tensions and skirmishes.

The border area of Fashaga between Sudan and Ethiopia, one of the five localities of Sudan’s Gadaref State, often witnesses deadly attacks by Ethiopian militias during the preparation for agricultural season.

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Olajumoke Adeleke

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