COVID-19 global death toll hits 2 million – United Nations

Peace Kanu, Abuja


The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres says two million people have now died from the coronavirus pandemic across the globe.

He marked the tragic milestone with a call to remember that behind the staggering number were names and faces.

The UN Secretary-General, therefore, called on leaders around the world to do more to protect everyone by ensuring that lifesaving vaccines were made available to all.

Today brought the devastating news that 2 million people have now died from COVID-19. It is hard to imagine the scale of such loss. Across the world, people are grieving for those who will never come home, and can never be replaced.

“Vaccines are reaching high-income countries quickly, while the world’s poorest have none at all

“Science is succeeding but solidarity is failing,  he said.

António Guterres reminded all that “We can only get ahead of this virus one way together.” 

“Until vaccines reach all of us, we must each continue to do what we can to stop the spread of this deadly virus and help save lives. Wear a mask, physically distance from anyone we don’t live with, wash hands regularly and open doors and windows to help slow the spread. Together we can make a difference,” he added


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