Ramadan: Cleric urges Muslims to intensify worship

Fatima Hassan, Abuja


Muslims in Nigeria have been urged to increase their acts of worship as the month of Ramadan beckons.

The Co-founder of Super R Halal Dawah Group,  Mr Abdulrahman Abdulraheem Olayinka stated this at its first Pre-Ramadhan lecture, in Karu, Abuja, the nation’s capital.

He said the main objective of the dawah group is to empower and educate Muslim ummah.

“Our main objectives and mission are to educate and empower the public especially the Muslim communities so as to properly propagate Islamic cadet that accounts for why our motto is “knowledge is power, let change the world.

The year 2020 however provided us the opportunity for taking the giant strive and really impacting positively in the life of many Muslims community by way of  giving them the basic needs of life, this was the period when the world is been faced with unprecedented global health challenges and the pandemic of covid-19 with it dwindling economic downturn,  such a situation brings more responsibility on daawa groups like ours and others institution.”

Mr Olayinka who outlined some of the achievement and challenges of the group solicited support from Nigerians to feed the needy in the month of Ramadan.

Our Iftar ( break of fast in the month of Ramadan) campaign is to raise funds to help the growing numbers of people in dying need of help in a different community with lack of basic necessity of life due to the economic situation of the country even before the covid-19 pandemic.

To this end, the SUPER R HALAL daawa  group believe so much in the campaign to help them and we also urge you all to support in this coming holy month of Ramadam known as the month of charity and blessings.

He further used the opportunity to solicit funds to build a dawah mosque.

“Be rest assured that accountability will be our watchword,” he said.

One of the guest lecturers, Ustaz Muhydeen Bello who spoke on the importance of Ramadhan said

“The first importance of Ramadhan is the fear of Allah, therefore, we must endeavour to live our lives to please Allah before, within and after Ramadhan.

Ustaz Bello added that the increase in ibadah (act of worship) is also an important aspect of Ramadhan.

“It is not just about abstaining from food, we must increase our dua, recite the Quran, feed the needy and refrain from what can invalidate the fast through the eyes, the heart and the ears.

One of the participants at the event Hajiya Mutiat Ahmed noted that Ramadhan is a month of healing. “People should get closer to Allah during this forthcoming Ramadhan. It’s an opportunity to utilise it and ask Allah for anything.

Another participant Hajiya Tawakaltu Afolashade said she leant a lot from the lecture and called for more women participation in such.

So far so good is a nice program, I want this to encourage our sister out there because I see that for women to arrange such a program is very wonderful.

If women outside there can get up and start doing things as such our environment will be so good because some people believed women should not speak they should stay at home without freedom. No! it shouldn’t be like that so Nigeria women should be given freedom. so is a very nice program, nice event and am very sure everybody would gain a lot here today,” she added.


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