Clergy urges secessionists to jettison disunity campaigns


People engaged in campaigns against Nigeria’s unity have been urged to desist from acts as this will be tantamount to the plans of the almighty.

The spiritual head of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, BCS, leader Olumba Olumba Obu gave the charge during a parley with newsmen in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State, Southern Nigeria.

The Spokesman of the organization, Edet Archibong said “the unity of Nigeria in 1914 was divinely inspired. Calling for a breakup of the country is not approved by God almighty. As such any campaign from any group is futile attempt because God does not want Nigeria to breakup. He has a plan for this country.”

While describing Nigeria as the nucleus of God, Archibong stressed “God has rooted for the unity of Nigeria. At several fora and different times, the leader has made this clear. The unity of this country cannot be broken. God will do away with racial, religious and gender bigotry.”

To the political class, the spokesman urged those in positions of authority to do right by the people, noting that the needs of the people should be paramount rather than the pursuit of personal interest.

“The politicians should do the right thing. They made a promise and vow to provide amenities, jobs and security for the people. They know what is right and such should be accomplished and the people would benefit. Most importantly, politicians should emulate the peaceful disposition and exemplary leadership style of leader Obu,” he stated.

He explained that to promote peaceful coexistence, the spiritual leader had sent peace emissaries to various states across the country and globally with the message for all mankind to embrace peace irrespective of gender, status, religion and race.


Archibong further hinted that in a few days, the organization would be celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Olumba Olumba Obu, who is the son of the founder and took over leadership of the BCS on April 14, 2001.

He said, “the anniversary celebration will be a weeklong event, which would feature lectures, choral competitions, poetry recitals, football competition, drama presentations, donations to homes and orphanages, prayer and evangelism sessions as well as special message to the world from the spiritual leader.”


“This celebration is open to all peoples irrespective of religious affiliations because this is an organization of peace, unity, love and brotherhood. So, everyone is invited to participate, but in strict observance of the COVID-19 protocols,” he stated.

Obu’s twentieth anniversary celebration would be rounded off with a thanksgiving service on Sunday, April 18th 2021.


Dominica Nwabufo



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