Nigerian Government partners with Microsoft Corporation to boost digital economy


The Nigerian Government has partnered with Microsoft Corporation to accelerate the country’s efforts to become a more digital economy.


Nigeria’s Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who announced this on Monday, said that “Microsoft’s extensive experience in the utilization of technology as an enabler for the delivery of public and social good makes them an ideal partner.”



The digital plan will upskill 5 million Nigerians, ensure internet connectivity infrastructure including cloud services in the country’s six geo-political zones. Furthermore, the project, by itself, creates 27,000 jobs right away, ahead of multiplier effect.


“These initiatives, which cover areas of intersection between technology and governance will deliver value to our people. This is the outcome of the discussions I held in January 2021 with the Microsoft Corporation President, Mr Brad Smith.


“I am very pleased to see that within a very short time, we have moved from ideas to implementation.


“Our government is committed to leveraging innovation and technology to bring better outcomes across a wide area of governance concerns.


“Indeed, it is with this in mind that we have sought constructive partnerships that bridge the knowledge, skills and technology gap that exist in most of our communities,” said Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.


On his part, Mr Brad Smith, the President of Microsoft Corporation, said “We believe in the future of Nigeria and we are excited as a company to add to our investments. It is a country we have had the opportunity to get to know better over the last few years.”


“In 2018 we partnered with Tek experts to create a Customer Support Centre, a center in Lagos that employs over 1,600 people. And then we had another opportunity to broaden our investment even more by creating our African Development Centre. A centre that, by the end of this year, will employ over 200 software developers and engineers, people who are creating technology and Microsoft products to serve not only the people of Nigeria but the people of the world. 


“All of these is giving us the kind of confidence to want to invest even more. And one of the things that we have recognized as a company is the need to grow with communities and countries and not just buying for ourselves.”


Amaka E. Nliam

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