Sallah: Niger State bans Horse-Riding

Abdul Mohammed Isa, Niger State


The Niger State Government in North Central Nigeria has banned the traditional horse riding during festivals and ceremonies across all the eight Emirates of the State.

A statement issued by Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Ahmed Ibrahim Matane Lawal Tanko his press officer, disclosed that the decision to ban the traditional horse riding followed information received that some elements were planning to wreak havoc during the Sallah festivities.

Ahmed Matane, who called on the general public to comply fully with the directives throughout the Ed-elftr Sallah Festivals, urged horse owners and parents to warn their wards against non-compliance with the order.

He added that anyone found involved in such an act shall be arrested and such a horse will be confiscated.

The Secretary to the Niger State government further warned that Government will not hesitate to take prompt legal action against anyone who flouts the directive.

“The present administration cannot fold its arms and watch some irresponsible elements perpetrate their nefarious activities.

“Government would not succumb to any security threat in whatever forms and would deal decisively in responding to such threats.

Ahmed Matane also warned online jobbers using social media for mischief-making and to peddle falsehood as well as inflict fear have survived long enough and shall no longer be tolerated by the State Government.

He however assured the people of the State that all forms of criminality will soon be nipped in the bud while calling on the citizens to pray fervently so that the State can get out of the present security situation.

Horse riding is part of the numerous traditional celebrations during ed- elftr festivals across some states in Northern Nigeria.

The Ed-elftr celebration is scheduled to take place either on the 12 or 13 of May 2021, after 29 or 30 days of fasting.


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