Insecurity: Nigeria is in control- Lawmaker

Adoba Echono, Abuja


A member of Nigerian House of Representative, Linda Chuba Ikpeazu who is also a member of ECOWAS Parliament has informed the Community Parliament that Nigeria is in control of its security situation.

Responding to concerns raised after the Nigerian delegations presented her country report at the First Ordinary Session of the ECOWAS Parliament, meeting in Abuja, Nigeria, Honourable Linda said that though the country is being faced with insecurity challenges, the country still has the capacity of solving its security challenges.

“In the sub region there are security challenges in various countries, it depends on the degree.”

 “It is important to know that Nigeria remains a stable country and it is relatively peaceful, if it weren’t we won’t even be here sitting, but we do have some security challenges, and it is not peculiar to Nigeria.”

“Unfortunately right now, we are dealing with insecurity but Nigeria as a country is determined to solve it.”

Honourable Ikpeazu who appreciated Members of Parliament for their concerns said that Nigeria is exploring all measures, with high level of determination to fight terrorism, banditry and other forms of violence.

“We are however not too big to get help from anyone and I am not the Executive so I cannot speak on that.”

Honourable Ikpeazu noted that insecurity is a ripple effect of bad governance, poverty and human rights violation that is why the Nigerian National Assembly has taken steps to amend the country’s constitution to address triggers of insecurity.

She said that the House of Representative in Nigeria convened a summit of the Constitution amendment and to get the input of all Nigerians in the process,

“The National Assembly is holding public hearings across the country to get the suggestions from the Nigerian people on the best ways to govern the country.”

“This will enable us get the views, and contributions of Nigerians in the constitution amendment process  which would in turn make them have a feeling of inclusiveness in the process.”

“Nigeria has definitely not lost control, we have a situation and we are working tirelessly towards addressing it”, Ikpeazu added.

Honourable Francis Alimikhena, another Nigerian representative at the ECOWAS Parliament said that Nigeria has taken several steps which is yielding positive results in the fight against terrorism.

He however noted that a collaborated joint-border approach would further help Nigeria and the region in winning the war against terrors as most of the insurgents are habouring in neigbouring countries.

“If we get the cooperation of other neighbouring countries then we can be sure to win in the fight.”

“The Nigerian government and the military have been responsive that is why when Nigerians clamoured for change of Service Chiefs, they were changed.

However, some Members of the Community Parliament from other West African countries recommended concerted efforts of Member States and firm actions from the Authority of Heads of State and Government to tackle the growing insecurity in Nigeria.

According to the Parliamentarians, Nigeria holds a significant position in the Sub-region and the growing insecurity and communal clashes in the country will impact negatively on other countries.


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