NBC orders broadcast outfits to shun Twitter

Solomon Chung, Abuja



In compliance with the Presidential directive, the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, has issued a warning to all broadcasting outfits in Nigeria to suspend the use of  the services of microblogging and social networking provider, Twitter or face a possible sanction.

In a  press release signed by the Ag. Director-General of the Commission, Prof. Armstrong Idachaba,  all broadcasting stations in Nigeria were directed to suspend the patronage of Twitter immediately.

The Commission said it is in line with the Federal government’s position that the  platform’s activities are capable of undermining the corporate existence of the country.

The use of Twitter has been ‘indefinitely suspended’ in the country as at June 4th, 2021.

According to the NBC, any  broadcast station in Nigeria who still uses the platform as a source of information will face the consequences.

In the compliance to the above directive, broadcasting stations are hereby advised to de-install twitter handles and desist from using twitter as a source of information gathering for News and programmes presentation,”the statement read in part.

It will be recalled that the Nigerian authorities suspended operations of Twitter in Nigeria last week.

The Nigerian government said some of the outfits operations can affect the country’s unity and national security.






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