ADP counts progress in four years

By Bitrus Kozah


The Action Democratic Party, ADP in Nigeria has marked it fourth anniversary as it counts the progress made by the party in few years.

The National Chairman of the party Mr Yabagi Sani said that “the party was founded on the 7th of June, 2017 by some patriotic Nigerians who, as members of the then existing political platforms, decided to chart a new path to the actualization of the cherished ideals and aspirations of Nigerians at the return of democracy in 1999.”

He however added that “the ADP has recorded some milestones that give the signal of greater hope for the party and the nation’s redemption.”

He said that the party has “membership strength of about two million card-carrying registered electorate and over ten thousand supporters.

“The ADP has consistently maintained the third place in terms of vote-cast in all elections” he said.

The National Chairman of the party further said that the party “was built on the philosophy and vision of working towards the enthronement of a progressive, egalitarian and a prosperous nation, where all Nigerians enjoy unfettered equity, equality and fairness in the distribution of national resources, rights and privileges”.

He reiterated that the party has the responsibility, not only to aspire to take over the reins of the leadership of this great country, but to always intervene courageously and relentlessly whenever we perceive that those presently in control of the nation’s affairs are derailing.

In other words, Mr Sani said that “the ADP has continued to attract mass followership because the party has remained a consistent, vocal and fearless advocate of good governance by maintaining the posture of an uncompromising opposition political party”.




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