Lagos-Ibadan train service to begin fully

By Shiktra Shalangwa


The Nigerian Railway Corporation NRC, says the Lagos-Ibadan train service will begin full operation.

The MD NRC Engineer Fidet Okhiria said this in an interview with Journalists in Lagos State, southwest Nigeria.

Engineer Okhiria said the train service which was run skeletally will run fully with four trains a day.

“Before now we were running skeletal service, trying the tracks and how we’re going to operate. Now we’re going to go full blown. At least by tomorrow or latest Monday we will start four trains a day and in two weeks time we’ll move to eight”

Speaking on the price

The NRC MD added that by December when the signalling and communication are completely in place the train service will be operating sixteen times.

He said the price will depend on the coaches for the train service and the train, as a train will go straight to Ibadan, another will stop at Abeokuta while another will stop at all the stations.

“We have different prices that we are using, that have been approved….We have train that will stop in Abeokuta, another will stop in all the stations and another will only stop at Ibadan. They cost differently and will not arrive the same time” he said.





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