Tokyo Olympics: WHO ‘Urges Caution’ against COVID-19 Spread


The World Health Organisation (WHO), which is advising the International Olympic Committee in the run-up to the opening of the Tokyo Games later this month, is urging caution so as to stem the spread of the coronavirus, a senior WHO official  said.

Crowds at Euro 2020 soccer stadiums and in pubs and bars in host cities are driving the current rise in COVID-19 infections in Europe, the WHO’s regional office said.

Maria van Kerkhove, WHO technical lead on COVID-19 at its global headquarters, was asked what lessons it was drawing from the Euro 2020 tournament in order to advise the IOC and Tokyo organisers ahead of the event’s opening on July 23.

“The IOC and others have outlined their plans in taking their approach for the Olympics, and we have been engaging with them and advising them on the best use of those plans,” van Kerkhove said in an interview.

She said the WHO was learning from Euro 2020, adding: “If the virus is present and precautions are not in place the virus will spread. We urge caution. We urge everyone to take caution in what they do.”

“We urge everybody to take a risk-based approach in what they do and the decisions that they make. The choices that they make and the events they attend have consequences, good and bad.”

Mike Ryan, head of WHO’s emergencies programme, said last month that it would discuss managing COVID-19 risks with Japanese authorities and the IOC, after organisers announced some spectators would be permitted to attend, although fans from overseas have already been banned.

Chidi Nwoke/Reuters.

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