Ethiopia to close 30 embassies


Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the country will shut down at least 30 of its embassies in other countries, including one in Kenya, to manage costs, with most diplomats working as non-resident ambassadors.

“Ethiopia shouldn’t have 60 or so embassies and consulates in the present moment. Instead of throwing US dollars everywhere … at least 30 of the embassies should be closed. The ambassadors should instead be here,” he said on Monday.

He said the Ethiopian ambassador to Kenya, for example, could be based in Addis Ababa and only make field trips to meet with officials, while following events in Nairobi through the media.

Following the conflict in Tigray, the Ethiopian government’s resources are overstretched.

Last week, it halted the offensive on the Tigray People’s Liberation Front after the war’s costs started affecting the country’s economy.

Addis Ababa admitted that the country had lost about $2.3 billion since the conflict in the Tigray region erupted in November 2020.

This cost did not factor in military spending, lost livelihoods, civilian deaths or injuries as well as hours of economic productivity lost as civilians fled danger.

Olajumoke Adeleke/EA

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