Uganda to receive 647,010 doses of Pfizer vaccine


Uganda to receive over 647,010 doses of Pfizer vaccine this month, from the World Health Organization COVAX facility to boost the country’s protection against COVID-19.

Ministry of health spokesperson, Emmanuel Ainebyoona said on Monday, “The vaccines would mostly be used in the central part of the country where storage facilities have been installed.

“Pfizer requires storage capacity of 70 degrees centigrade. We have installed some cold chains around Kampala Metropolitan area where we shall keep the vaccines once they arrive.

“Like the AstraZeneca vaccine, Pfizer is administered in two doses,” Ainebyoona said.

He added that there were some parts of the country with the same storage facility and therefore they would benefit from the Pfizer doses.

Uganda had vaccinated 1,058,084 people against the deadly virus using the AstraZeneca doses.

The country last month received 175,200 AstraZeneca doses with support from the United Nations Children’s Fund and the French Embassy under COVAX.

The country announced that  it had cumulatively registered 87,756 COVID-19 infections, with 2,129 deaths and 61,304 recoveries since March last year.

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