Idia Aisien Covers Blanck Magazine Latest Edition


Media personality and Nollywood Actress Idia Aisien made the cover of the latest edition of the Blanck Magazine.

The model who got off to a great start in Nollywood last year when she landed her acting debut in Play Network’s ‘Nneka The Pretty Serpent’ remake, opened up about her 2020 blockbuster lead role.

She commented that her role as lead in the movie is rather humbling and remarkable. ‘My experience has indeed proven that one can achieve anything as long as they set their minds to do it’, she said.

“You can learn a new language and even become a different person. I am more confident than I have ever been, but it is a confidence about my ability to learn new things. Everything is also about humility… I walk into a room, and I am excited to learn and gain experience and skills from every single person I meet in that room. My mother always says that if there is an opportunity and you are prepared, then success will come; it finally makes complete sense.’   She added.

Blanck Magazine is a UK based Pan-African fashion and style magazine. The magazine showcases the African fashion, entertainment and culture.



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