NALDA commences construction of estate farm for 1,500 beneficiaries


The National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA) has commenced the construction of its Integrated Farm Estate in Ogun state South West Nigeria, with a target of engaging one thousand five hundred beneficiaries.

A visit to the farm with the contractor shows that, land clearing has been done and the land is being mapped out for different activities such as crop farming zone, Cassava processing zone, fish processing zone, Snail processing zone, warehouses, Fish pond, Snail farm, Poultry, Goat and Sheep pen, office area and pasture area for grazing the animal.

Construction is set to commence this month and is expected to be completed by February of 2022, based on the progress made so far on the farm estate, with land clearing completed.

The state will become attractive to traders who deal on the categories in the farm. The farm estate would boast of Garri processing and packaging plants, snail farming, Goat rearing and fishing farming.

The Executive Secretary of NALDA Prince Paul Ikonne shades light on NALDA’s plan for the Ogun farm that the farm estate in Ogun would be the biggest in production of fish, goat and snails due to its proximity to the commercial city of Lagos.

“The reason why we want to make Ogun farm one of the biggest in production is its proximity to Lagos, and you know that there is market for everything in Lagos and our target for the farm in Ogun is proximately two Billion Naira annually after the first year of the startup.

“Ogun is one of our key farm estate because of its proximity to the sea ports for export purposes and the farm estate would give Nigeria and Nigerians an image in food production.”

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