Ethiopia’s Tigray unrest: Amhara Region calls on all youths to fight


The Amhara Regional State has called on middle and high school students, students of preparatory and vocational training institutions, university students, graduates, teachers, and all youth who are physically capable to organise in their respective areas and respond to the call to “bury the enemy.”

The statement said the region was facing a war for its survival waged against it by forces affiliated with the T.P.L.F. “A war of revenge and cruelty is being inflicted on the people,” of the regional state, the statement said, adding it was a “crucial time for us to stand together, more than ever, to bury our enemies and ensure our survival in the face of the threats to our very existence.”

The regional state called on all able-bodied high school and tertiary students, teachers, and all the youth to do their part “by joining and strengthening our defense forces and special forces and playing a supportive role.”

The state also urged all to do everything possible, directly or indirectly, including up to sacrifices of lives, “to ensure that the struggle for our survival that we have started ends successfully.” The regional state accuses Tigrayan forces of “killings, rape, looting and destruction of public and private properties,” in Amhara and Afar states, and said, “We must all be soldiers to protect our loved ones and the surrounding institutions from destruction.”

On July 26, Agegnehu Teshager, the president of Amhara State, called on all eligible youth in the region to respond to the “Campaign for Survival”. The call precedes an initial similar call by the region addressing the nations, nationalities, and peoples of Ethiopia to mobilize and defend the region against Tigrayan forces after they later crossed into the region and launched military offensives.

Suzan O/AllAfrica

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