Amfani Industrial Park and Smart City: a peep into Nigeria’s Future.

Ben Adam Shemang


There is high hope in realizing Nigeria’s quest for modern development going by the tempo of economic activities taking place across the country and especially in Amfani Industrial Park and Smart City located in Magama Local Government in Niger State northern part of the country.

Before now the quiet Amfani town was unknown but has suddenly earned itself a prized position in tourism, in turn creating enviable opportunities in the provision of means of livelihood to Nigerians and foreigners alike.

This smart City shares its boundary with the famous Kanji Lake and the Kainji National Park known for wildlife, beautiful scenery inhabited by yet to be fully explored flora and fauna and its closeness with the Nigerian Air Force Base in Kainji, gives added sense of security.

All these will increase the potential for foreign direct investment.

In this Smart City one finds an Export Free Zone and in terms of industrialization it will handle light, medium and heavy industrial activities and the International Cargo Airport will make life very easy for investors“, Mr. Al-Amin Muhammed, the Marketing Manager says.

The objectives

The driving force behind the creation of Amfani Industrial Park and Smart City include, creating a special economic zone that meets global standard; creating employment opportunities, wealth and skills acquisition; creating innovative services towards sustainable industrial and socio-economic development in Africa. The project also seeks to provide local and foreign investors with the best business environment to operate; to facilitate technology transfer and development of high-tech industries, to fast-track industrialization and socio-economic development of Nigeria and to provide a platform for utilization of Nigeria’s abundant resources for example raw materials, human capital.


Tourism and hospitality

The mega city is already pooling experts from across the work to ensure that it meets the expected goal.  This smart City has a lot waiting for investors. After some hard work there’s room for relaxation. Its proximity to the Kainji Lake confers on it, the advantage of a great view, the right topography and atmosphere for a Golf course, polo field, as well as football fields which will be of international standard upon which even international field competitions can hold.

It is also to have a hospital of international standard which will then make the place a hub for medical tourism, retaining resources taken out of this country for that purpose , while attracting more into the country.

What about having some fishing festivals and boat regatta? The vision and mission here is far and well focused to make every dream come true. Imagine a world of relaxation at the water front, cruising with boats with options of being on board taking a ride and taking the breeze from the clean lake .

Wild life and game reserve

Children and those in love with wild life will definitely be given a good treat. In the Kainji National Park, Kenyan, South Africans and Zimbabwean experts and other foreign nationalities will provide their expertise when it comes to wild life management. Many animals that are on the verge of extinction will be protected to save them from extinction and also to protect and ensure the balance of the ecosystem.

Floating farm

Its agro-lied business will be effective to the extent that some of its farms will be floating right inside the lake integrating fish farming, vegetables, fruits and other agro allied businesses. The aqua culture as envisaged by the management of this city will be a reality as residents, visitors; workers will eat from this project more so when the intention is to go full time export in such an Export Free Zone.

Land mass

A project of this magnitude will leave people guessing as to the size of the land available for these gigantic projects. Mr. Al-Amin Mohammed says “it is a stretch of 2,000 hectares of land”.

No wonder it can house a university, an industrial site, banks, hotels and recreational centres, kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, shopping malls and complexes, mini stadium and other indoor games. And what a surprise there is an area for mining as Niger State has very many condensates of solid minerals. The smart City is a future market for gold not forgetting the nickel deposits in Southern Kaduna that could be sold in this market.


The Manager in charge of the Mining Mr. Amadu Babani says “Nigeria, indeed Africa will have what I call a common market”. In terms of mining, all necessary papers and documents have been signed with the Nigerian Mining Cadastre office in Abuja. “We are ready and capable to take Africa by storm  when it comes to mining”, Mr. Babani, a geologist says, adding that  “Our company is ready for this African Common market”.

Already, the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Nigerian Export Promotion Zone Authority, the Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission and the Niger State Government are partners in the project.


Status of work now

The year 2021 has been a year of bee hive of activities. All paper works have been completed paving way for the commencement of construction. Right now construction of injection substation and power lines are on top gear the same with construction of water and sewage treat plants. Many people; Nigerians and foreigners alike have been trooping in to see things for themselves some already indicating areas of investment interest in this Amfani Industrial Park and Smart City.

Mainstream Energy Solutions Limited and Hydropolis Investments Limited are the brain boxes of the projects.



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