UK PM reshuffles cabinet with education minister first to go


British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson began reshuffling his cabinet of senior ministers on Wednesday, with the education minister the first to go.

The Prime Minister has made tackling regional inequality a priority for his government but the COVID-19 pandemic has eclipsed action on the promises he made when he won the biggest Conservative Party parliamentary majority.

Johnson has finally to make the changes he feels he needs to press on with his levelling up agenda, after mon6of criticism of several of his cabinet team.

“We know the public also wants us to deliver on their priorities, and that’s why the prime minister wants to ensure we have the right team in place for that.”

Gavin Williamson was the first to say he was leaving his role as education minister after being criticised over handling of school closures and exams during the COVID pandemic.

Rumours of a reshuffle, and who might be on their way up or on their way out, have been swirling for weeks.

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