Kano to commit 10% of 2022 budget to improving social protection policy

By Tukur Garba Arab, Kano


The Kano state government northwestern Nigeria has promised to commit resources to improve social protection policy in it’s 2022 budget.

Focal person of the Expanding Social Protection For Inclusive Development (ESPID) Mr Richard Musa disclosed this during a workshop organized for journalists in the state.

He said the state government has developed interest in social protection policy with the just concluded Child Development and Growth Program (CDGP) that operated for nine years in the state.

According to him “the state government signed memorandum of understanding MoU with FCDO in August 2nd, 2021 under Kano Mutual Accountability Framework meeting and pledged to commit up to 10% of 2022 budget appropriation to Social Protection.

“The 2022 budget circular has already been sent to all MDA’s directing them to prioritize social protection in their allocation” said Musa.

In another development, the state has also committed to the creation of people with disability (PwD’s) commission to cater for the need of the excluded people within it’s society as well as domestication of gender policy in the state.

Earlier in her address, the coordinator ESPID in the state which is also the continuation of CDGP under Action Against Hunger and Save the Children, Mrs Gladys Kwam, hailed media for the success recorded during CDGP operation.

“We appreciate what you (journalists) has done for us during our nine years of operation under CDGP program.

“Definitely we will continue to depend on you in propagating the ideas behind social protection policy for our political leaders to understand and implement for the betterment of the general public”.

She therefore, promised to improve engagement with journalists in order to keep them abreast with the happenings of the program.

The ESPID program is for two years in the first instance and could be extended for another two depending upon the success it records.




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