Group urges Nigerians to be patriotic, reject fake news

Salihu Ali, Abuja


A group known as ‘Got Your Back Nigeria’ has called on Nigerians to rise above sentiment and desist from fake news for the good of the country.

The group was reacting to comments by certain negative individuals on Kogi state governor Mr. Yahaya Bello.

The Convener of the group Prof. Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia in a statement insisted that Governor Yahaya Bello has continued to do well in transforming the kogi state.

“Have you wondered why lately there is an uncanny desperation to de-robe Kogi State of her deserving feat as the safest State in the North and the second safest State in Nigeria?. It is about the politics of 2023. It is about selfish politicians and the ungodly quest for power by all means. But do not despair because the Security agencies in Kogi are compiling the names of the agent provocateurs and their sponsors, and shall as always bring them to book. Yahaya Bello has kept that promise several times over, and regarding the contrived jailbreak a few days ago, tell the rumour mill that almost all the fleeing convicts are back in custody. And tell them that we are watching”.

“If they are not contriving violence, they are sponsoring falsehood in the media. If they are not procuring and sponsoring violence, they are lying and paying the media to build mountains out of mole hills. And if they are not lying about salaries that have since been cleared, they are sponsoring mendacity in the media about corruption and monies allegedly fixed in Banks, tales most unfounded and demonic. How more confused and wicked can they be? But their lies, won’t stick”. The statement explained.

He explained that the State is one of the most gender-sensitive states in the country adding that “with the longest serving female Secretary to State Government in Nigeria, with females as Local Government Council Deputies in all the Local Governments where men serve as Chairmen, with females as Speakers of all the Local Government Council Legislatures, with the only Female ADC to a Governor in Nigeria, and the highest number of women in any State Government (cabinet) in Nigeria. Kogi State surely stands out as a manifest example of what governance and leadership must be”. The group said.

“The truth is that Kogi is not owing her workers, and Kogi State is not owing Medical Doctors and Health worker at all. We shall therefore consistently debunk the perfidy and the chicanery of political jobbers and their paymasters, yes their lies won’t stick, as Kogi will consistently remain a question mark on their conscience, nay on our collective conscience”.

“The truth is that in Kogi State under GYB’s watch has one of the most functional Rice mills in Nigeria, with the biggest health facility in West Africa over 60% done. In Kogi State today is one of the most effective Skill Acquisition programs in Nigeria. So when you hear the lies of the conscienceless political operators out there, confront them with the unequivocal truths that we put before you”.

“We shall continue to drum up and consistently raise the phenomenal Youth called GYB as the bastion of the new deal for Nigeria come 2023,” Nwaokobia stated.

The group called on Nigerians to embrace politics of ideas and good policy rather than falsehood and mudslinging.



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