Taiwan calls for quick start to trade talks with EU


Taiwan’s government has called on the European Union to launch trade talks, seeking a trade deal with the tech-heavyweight island.

Taiwan’s foreign ministry said on Friday, that talks should begin soon. The European Parliament has already given its support to the EU trade deal with Taiwan.

“We call on the EU to start the pre-negotiation work of impact assessment, public consultation and scope definition for the bilateral investment agreement with Taiwan as soon as possible in accordance with the resolutions of the European Parliament.

“As EU like-minded partner with core values such as democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law, Taiwan will continue to strengthen cooperation in semiconductor and other related strategic industries, digital economy, green supply chain restructuring Energy, and the economic recovery after the pandemic,” he said.

The European Union included Taiwan in its list of trade partners for a potential bilateral investment agreement in 2015, a year before President Tsai Ing-wen became Taiwan’s first president, but has not been negotiating the issue with Taiwan since then.

EU member states and the European Union have no formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan due to the objections of China, which considers the island as one of its provinces, which does not have the rights of statehood, therefore to the EU. Any investment deal can be politically difficult.

The EU also wants to boost cooperation with Taiwan on semiconductors, as chip shortages affect supply chains and shut down some auto production lines, including in Europe.

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