Fast rising hip-hop artist releases new single

Gloria Essien

Fast rising Nigerian Hip Hop Artist, Automatik has released a new single titled “Listen”
The new jam, he believes, will resonate with street credibility and eventually morph into popular anthem for Hip Hop enthusiasts due to its inspiration and story.
In case you are wondering what message he has in the new single: Automatik said it will motivate youths in their daily living and give them reason to work hard and involve God in their dealings (read ‘doings’).
Known for his uniqueness and unrivalled showmanship, Automatik, who is also a self-signed artist, said he sees himself attaining legendary status like some of Nigeria’s biggest music stars and his mentors including 2Baba while also bringing value to the Afrobeats scene.
Automatik’s “Listen” has received wild acceptability by music lovers, garnering over  50k views within the first 48 hours of its release.
Automatik’s biggest motivation is his father, a hardworking man that has done everything he can to provide for his family. He describes himself as a hip-hop artist who started by being a rapper. His sound is very energetic and fun. “I would hop on a verse and spit and couple bars and kept it pushing. I never did hooks or non of that but, once I was able to incorporate that into my arsenal, then I was able to take my sound to the next level.”



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