Former minister in prison dies of COVID-19

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Former Venezuelan Defense Minister and retired general Raul Baduel, considered a political prisoner by the opposition, has died after contracting COVID-19.

The attorney general, Tarek Saab said on Tuesday that, “We regret the death of Raul Isaias Baduel from cardiac-respiratory failure, the product of COVID-19, though he was receiving the corresponding medical care and had gotten the first dose of the vaccine.”

General Raul Baduel, was arrested in 2009 on corruption charges after falling out with the Socialist Party, eventually placed on house arrest and then re-jailed in 2017 for allegedly conspiring against Maduro.

Saab did not specify whether Baduel was hospitalized or in prison when he died. He had been held at a Sebin intelligence police site.

“With the death of Raul Isaias Baduel there are ten political prisoners who have died in custody,” activist Gonzalo Himiob said.

“The responsibility for the life and health of any prisoner falls on the state.”



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