Experts Seek End to Fishermen Exploitation, Rights Violation in Africa


The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the Vatican and the Catholic maritime charity, Stella Maris have called for an end to the exploitation of fishermen and the violation of their human rights at the sea.

The experts stressed the need to protect the rights of fishermen who are among the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, saying fishermen are often subjected to exploitation at the sea and need to enjoy the right to fair and decent work.

The call was made at a virtual event entitled ‘Stemming the tide: Together we can stop human rights violations at sea!’, held on Monday, in commemoration of World Fisheries Day.

The FAO Director-General, Qu Dongyu, stated that one in 10 people around the world depend on fisheries for their lives and livelihoods, while the sector plays a critical role in providing employment and incomes, and sustaining cultures and communities.

Dongyu said, “Fish and aquatic products are among the most traded food commodities worldwide, totalling more than $163 billion in export revenues in 2019.”

The Director-General also noted that developing countries had increased their share of the global fish trade accounting for more than 54 per cent of the total in 2019.

“Unfortunately, the same industry that offers many opportunities to fishers and fish workers can also victimise the vulnerable through abuses of workers’ rights,’’ he added.

On his part, the prefect of the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, Cardinal Peter Turkson, said there had been increasing awareness about rights abuses and emphasised the need to protect and promote the rights of fishermen.

Protecting the rights of fishers, Turkson added, was a mission that required a concrete commitment.

“We want to make ourselves and our voices advocates for safeguarding the rights of fishers, protecting their families and ensuring that they do dignified work,” he said.


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