Sweden’s parliament approves first female prime minister


Swedish parliament elected Magdalena Andersson as the country’s first female Prime Minister.

Amineh Kakabaveh, an independent lawmaker who supported Andersson, noted that Sweden is currently celebrating the 100th anniversary of a decision to introduce universal and equal suffrage in the Scandinavian country.

Andersson is scheduled to take office after a meeting with King Carl XVI Gustaf on Friday, giving her less than ten months to prepare for Sweden’s 2022 general elections.

“If women are only allowed to vote but are never elected to the highest office, democracy is not complete,” said Kakabaveh who is of Iranian Kurdish descent.

“There is something symbolic in this decision,” she added.

In the 349-seat Riksdag, 117 lawmakers voted yes to Andersson, 174 rejected her while 57 abstained and one lawmaker was absent.

Under the Swedish Constitution, prime ministers can be named and govern as long as a parliamentary majority, a minimum of 175 lawmakers is not against them.

“I have been elected Sweden’s first female prime minister and know what it means for girls in our country,” Andersson said.

Andersson, 54, sought to secure the backing of the two smaller parties that supported Sweden’s previous center-left, minority government led by Lofven, the Left Party and the Center Party. Both abstained from voting against Andersson.

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