Lawyer Challenges order against Unvaccinated Kenyans



A Kenyan lawyer has filed a petition challenging the health minister’s directive to bar unvaccinated Kenyans from accessing basic services from 21 December.

It comes amid record turnout for vaccination in different parts of the country since the directive was made earlier this week.

“People will have to be fully vaccinated to use public transport – including buses and domestic flights – or to enter hotels, bars, restaurants and game reserves,” according to the directive.

Order On Hold
But in the urgent case, Winfred Otieno Ochieng “wants the implementation of the directive stopped temporarily until the matter is heard.”

High court judge Anthony Mrima ordered that the petition be served by close of business on Thursday and further directions be given on Friday.

The health ministry is aiming to vaccinate 100,000 people every day in a bid to rapidly boost the vaccination rates.

On Tuesday, 103,506 Kenyans were vaccinated, the highest number in a single day since Kenya’s vaccination drive began. A total of 102,537 were vaccinated on Wednesday.

BBC/Shakirat Sadiq

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