Video of Police Graduates threatening Kenyans condemned



Kenyan police have condemned the actions of a group of newly graduated officers who recorded a video threatening civilians once they were deployed.

The young graduates can be heard in the widely shared video boasting that they are the “bad guys in red berets and civilians…we are getting out, we are not coming to play.”

The National Police Service termed their remarks “irresponsible, unacceptable and reckless,”  in a statement released on Wednesday evening.

The recruits are members of the General Service Unit, GSU, a paramilitary unit of the Kenya police who wear red berets.

The police service said the behaviour portrayed in the clip was


The statement has been posted on Twitter:

Many Kenyans have been raising concern over their remarks, at a time when cases of police brutality have been increasingly recorded.

It comes months before the general election next year. Police have in past elections been linked to ‘killings and human rights abuses.’

The police service now says an internal review is ongoing with a view of taking appropriate measures regarding the incident.





BBC /Shakirat Sadiq

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