Nigeria set to Retrieve 1,030 artifacts From Germany 

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Nigeria will receive no fewer than 1,030 Benin artefacts from Germany in 2022, the Director-General, National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM), Abba Tijani, has said.

Mr Tijani stated that many artefacts had been received from Germany but the commission would receive at least an additional 1,030 in 2022.


The objects were taken from the country during the punitive expedition of Benin in 1897.


According to him, when the artefacts are received, it will give the commission the opportunity to build new museums and attract more tourists across the world.


Mr Tijani said this would also give them opportunities to view the cultural objects from the Nigerian context.

“It will make the foreigners to understand the significance of the artefacts better and give them an added advantage which they might not get when they visit museums in Europe,” he said.


Mr Tijani said the commission had called for the expansion of the National Museum in Abuja and that of Benin so that the objects could be displayed.

“Tourism makes a great impact on our economy, many countries rely on tourism for their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth because it is a thriving sector.


“There will also be an investment for our local communities because they will benefit when tourists start trooping in from all over the world,” he said.


Mr Tijani said the commission would continue to partner with the private sector, adding “we are not relying 100 per cent on government funding.”




Premium Times/Stephanie Ingbian

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