2023 Presidency: Ohuabunwa vows to end insecurity in one-year

Mazino Dickson, Abuja

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Nigerian entrepreneur business mogul Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa says he will quash the nation’s myriad of security challenges within a year.

He added that through intelligence-driven security architecture backed by modern technology.

Speaking to the Voice of Nigeria in Abuja, Ohuabunwa said such personnel would be embedded within the local communities to serve as the first line of information gathering.

Ohuabunwa, contesting Nigeria’s presidency under the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), said he would recruit One Thousand (1000) Nigerians to strengthen and complement the current security apparatus.

 “I will gather all the community leaders, especially in those areas where there are flashpoints. We will sit down and discuss.

“This is not the way our communities used to be. We didn’t survive by killing ourselves; we had the freedom to move around.

 “I will gather all our military leaders and commanders. Past and present. We will all sit down and ask ourselves: How did we get here?” Ohuabunwa opined.

He also added, “What is wrong with us? How many are the terrorists, and how many are the bandits or other insurgent groups? How are they overcoming us? What is the problem?”

Ohuabunwa said getting information from security personalities and the communities will reduce Nigeria’s security challenges to the barest minimum.


Ohuabunwa said one key issue that will improve Nigeria’s security architecture is to ensure the welfare of all security personnel is prioritized.

The revered Pharmaceutical expert said enhanced remuneration, effective retirement plans and accident/death benefits for family members of service members would be a priority.

“We will re-train, rejig, and reformat our entire security to improve their motivation. We will assure them that this country will respect them if they die on duty. 

 “All of them will be put on life insurance to ensure that if anything happens to them, their wives and children will be taken care of,” he said.

He said under his presidency, Nigeria will learn from the experiences of nations like the United States and Britain in tackling global terrorism.

 “Many countries like the United States, Britain, and France were once rocked by terrorism, but today they have taken control and are now on the fringes. We can learn from them.

 “A man who is failing or is in trouble, the first thing he should have is humility and say please, I am in trouble and I need help,” he said.

Ohuabunwa also restated his support for zoning/rotation of executive political offices at levels, which he said would promote equity and a sense of belonging for all ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.

He also promised quality education and healthcare service.


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