ACCI launches training programme in web engineering, machine learning

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The Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Entrepreneurship and Skill Technology Centre (ACCI-BEST) has announced the launch of a transformative 10-month training program in Web Engineering and Machine Learning.

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The training programme is supported by Japanese government through the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnerships, AOTS which will be benefiting 300 student of Abuja University and Base University.

The President of ACCI, Dr. Al-Mujtaba Abubakar, during the virtual launching ceremony of the program, expressed gratitude to the Japanese government for their invaluable support through the AOTS program while extending heartfelt appreciation to ACCI-BEST Centre, Divic Corporation, the University of Abuja, and Baze University for their unwavering commitment to implementing this program for the betterment of Nigerian students.

Dr. Abubakar encouraged the aspiring students to seize this remarkable opportunity to further their careers and personal growth.

Japan Iinternational Cooperation Agency, Nigeria country representative, Mr. Yuzurio Susumu, emphasized the significance of human resource development in nurturing the relationship between Nigeria and the Japanese government.

The training, which ACCI-BEST Centre will implement, is an exciting chapter in education and career development in partnership with Divic Corporation, prestigious academic institutions, the University of Abuja, and Baze University.

This initiative promises to equip young talents with cutting-edge skills and knowledge in the fields of Web Engineering and Machine Learning.

Participants in this program will also have the unique opportunity to secure internships with esteemed Japanese companies upon successful completion and graduation.

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