Adamawa State Vows to Fight Against Insecurity

By Golfa Francis, Yola 



The Adamawa State government has vowed to fight against insecurity in the State, warning any criminal group and their sponsors to desist or face the wrath of the law.

There has been ranging crime by some groups in the State popularly known as Shila Boys who attack their victims on tricycles using dangerous weapons.

The high rate of crime perpetrated by these young Nigerians is seen as an offence against the law, and curbing the menace is what the government of Adamawa, and security agencies at all levels have been battling to halt.

At a press briefing in Yola, the Adamawa State Capital, Deputy Governor, Professor Kaletapwa Farauta warned the Shila boys to repent or be dealt with by the law.

The Sila boys’ activities include threatening people, particularly at night, “Areas in the state capital such as Bajabure Federal Housing estate, Badirisa, Jambutu, Doubeli, Shagari and Damilu, in Jimeta-Yola, have become flashpoints of crimes forcing the inhabitants to have sleepless nights.
The criminal activities are largely carried out by the dreaded ‘Shila Boys’ who began their dastardly acts some years back in the Jimeta- Yola axis
 with burglary, theft and phone snatchings”, Professor Kaletapwa said.

However, several arrests were made and the boys pledged to repent.

A new security operation tagged: “Operation Farauta” was launched by the State Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri to aid the security agencies and make the state crime-free.

Some residents alleged that some highly placed individuals support the Shila atrocities by securing bail for them whenever they are arrested.

There is fear that if these allegations are true, the fight against increasing criminalities will never be won unless the authorities identify and prosecute those ‘highly placed individuals’.

Dominica Nwabufo

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