Adewale Ayuba releases new album “Isé Olúwa”


Legendary Fuji musician Adewale Ayuba, widely known as “Mr. Johnson,” is preparing to release a new album titled “Isé Olúwa” in celebration of this year’s Democracy Day.

Ayuba revealed this during an interview with the press on Wednesday in Lagos.

He stated that the four-track album, set to be released on June 14, is intended to comfort Nigerians facing current economic challenges.

“One of the tracks, “Humility”, emphasises the fact that Nigeria is not a destroyed nation, while the slogan “Nigeria ko wo”, repeatedly emphasised in the song means ‘Nigeria is not collapsed’.”

He mentioned that the song aims to reassure listeners that the nation will overcome the current economic hardship and soon return to better times.

“The tracks in the Isé Olúwa album are: ‘Humility’, ‘Jo’folorun’, ‘Jafo Authority’ and ‘Bonsue On The Go USA’. I came up with this album to deliberately speak to Nigerians in a way of advice.”

“We all know that we have not elected a president from America or other climes, we elected a Nigerian like us. So, we should exercise patience, support the government and make things work again.”

“Current economic challenges did not start today and no one can say that President Bola Tinubu is not working, we must be consistent in our prayers for our leaders, for divine help.”

“I also emphasise the need to show love, which Yoruba people refer to as ‘Ife Eleyele’. This is the kind of love exhibited by the pigeons, unequalled love that will not make an individual to jettison his or her neighbours, friends and relatives, in face of challenges.

“When we exhibit this, we will have a sane society,” he said.

Ayuba stated that the album would be available on all music distribution platforms upon its release.

He encouraged his fans worldwide to anticipate the release and prepare to be inspired by the songs.

Emphasizing the importance of showing love to one another, the Bonsue crooner stated that Nigerians must be willing to set aside tribal, religious, and political differences to progress.






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