Africa should be compensated for brain drain – NAGAAN

Muhammad Tahir Hassan, Abuja

African countries have been encouraged to call for compensation in the brain drain affecting the continent as people migrate abroad.

This call was made by Ernesto Chukwukamma, the President of North American Graduates Alumni Association Nigeria (Nagaan) on Voice of Nigeria’s weekly discussion programme “Issues”.

According to the Nagan President, this compensation can be achieved through the “Africa Brain Drain Tax” his association is championing.

He said the campaign is trying to educate policy makers and stakeholders to come together to demand for their rightful entitlement through the African brain drain tax.

Comrade Chukwukamma said “the Africa brain Gain Tax is the current tax liability of the 25 million Africans in the Diaspora. The taxes they are paying in their various countries of domicile outside Africa, should revert back to Africa as initial training and education compensation for their training from child birth to kindergarten to primary school, to secondary school to university before they are taken away.”

The Nagan President further called on the Nigerian government to lead the way in pushing for the actualization of the campaign because of the benefit it will have on the local economy.

He said “the Nigerian government is supposed to be playing a lead role in this campaign because they have a population of 17.2 million citizens in Diaspora, of which if this tax is paid, amounts to about 5 trillion dollars every year. Nigeria will be the greatest beneficiary.”

He further highlighted on why Africa should embrace the idea by saying “the case of Africa is different because Africa is the least developed continent of the world. Africa suffered over 350 years of enslavement; after enslavement they suffered colonization; after colonization they are now suffering brain drain through this issuance of the H-1B Visas for people with extraordinary abilities.

He added that “by taking away all the best and brightest people, our education system collapsed, the health, the agric, the security governance and technology infrastructure all collapsed, so we need an action beginning from the state or provincial houses of assembly to make a legislation to the intent that every of their citizens in the Diaspora should pay the brain drain tax.

If they do that at the state level, the national assemblies will now be compelled to ratify that resolution which can be taken in a plenary and signed by the principal officers of the parliaments in all the countries of Africa.

With that, the African Parliamentary union can then have the locus standi to compel the United Nations Agency especially the ILO that is supposed to protect the weak members of the UN system from undue exploitation.

It is unfair for poor African parents, majority of who are peasant farmers and traders, to train their children from nursery to university only for developed economies to come and take them away without paying any compensation for their training and education.”