Agricultural Productivity: President Buhari Scores Administration High

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President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that significant initiatives have been taken to enhance agricultural productivity as one of his administration’s top priorities to turn the agricultural sector into a highly advanced, machine-driven sector.

This was disclosed through his chief of staff, Professor Ibrahim Gambari, during a working visit to inspect the level of work at the Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Development Institute (AMEDI) in Lafia, Nasarawa state.

The president said that his administration has been committed to the development of agriculture, food sufficiency and food security.

He commended the leadership of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) for the commitment and progress made on the project.

“The president has asked me to come here to inspect and see the tremendous physical development that is taking place at NASENI, particularly one of the six Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Development Institutes. President Buhari regards agriculture as something very close to his heart because he believes that the time has come when we must produce what we eat and eat what we produce and ensure food sufficiency and food security. He is very proud to be associated with this state, he is very proud of the significant development that has taken place in this state, God willing at the end of his administration, he will leave Nigeria more united, prosperous and secure than he found. that,” Gambari said.

On his part, Prof. Mohammed Haruna, Executive Vice President of NASENI, said that the institute was one of six approved in 2021, one per political zone to ensure food security and apply modern tools and equipment for mechanized agriculture.

He explained that the establishment of the institute was to ensure the adoption of technology for food processing, food preservation, and the application of food availability and artificial intelligence for efficient and multi-cropping seasons.

“Science, technology and innovation have always been the source of development and prosperity for all nations. The yardstick for measuring Nigeria’s willingness and readiness to move from a community-based economy to a manufacturing economy is the extent to which the role of NASENI applies to all aspects of our socio-economic endeavor,” he said.

Professor Haruna, also expressed his gratitude to President Buhari, Governor Abdullahi and the Emir of Lafia, Judge Sidi Bage, for their generosity, guidance and support, which led to the success. “You will remember that the foundation laying ceremony was held in August, despite the volume of rain in September and October, we have been able to fence the 20 hectares of land, the entrance house, the roads, the administrative block and the two workshops are nearing 90 percent completion. God willing, it will be ready for commissioning between January and February 2023; With this development, everything that is needed for modern agriculture in food processing, packaging and preservation must be produced locally by NASENI. NASENI is one of the best legacies that President Muhammadu Buhari will leave to the next administration in Nigeria,” he said.

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