AI Push: Microsoft to invest €3.2 billion in Germany


Microsoft, the American software giant, plans to invest €3.2 billion (equivalent to $3.44 billion) in Germany over the forthcoming two years, with a particular emphasis on advancing artificial intelligence, Brad Smith Microsoft Chairperson said during an event held in the German capital on Thursday.

In its most substantial investment made by the company in Germany over the past four decades, Microsoft intends to primarily allocate funds toward establishing data centers and providing artificial intelligence training throughout 2024 and 2025.

“We are doing this today because of the enormous confidence we have in Germany,” said Smith.

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German Chancellor Olaf Scholz expressed his approval, interpreting the move as a significant vote of confidence in Europe’s largest economy.

Marianne Janik, CEO of Microsoft Germany, declined to say exactly where the investments would be made, but said they were mostly looking in the western Rhineland region and around the banking hub of Frankfurt.